Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby weight gripe.....

Mack is almost 7 month’s old so I only have 2 month’s left to use the excuse that I’m 10kgs overweight because I just had a baby.

Mark bought me a set of weigh scales for Christmas that syncs with my ipad and tracks my weight loss- he’s a very brave man! After the initial shock and me wanting to dong him on the head with it – I quite liked it. Of course I threw a tantie over the fact that it was hard to set up and I pretended not to like it much – but secretly I love it. It has little charts and graphs and hey it must be working as the little arrow on the graph is pointing down….. for today anyway.

I was at the baby clinic yesterday for Mack’s vaccinations and I ran into an acquaintance who had her first baby 4 month's ago. She looked like a celebrity that freakily bounces back as if they’ve spent 20 hours in the gym a day and who eat 1 brazil nut for breakfast and 2 snow peas for dinner with oxygen in between for snacks.

She was gasp..... SLIM!

I had to ask.... “How did you lose the bloody baby weight so quickly”?

I'm thinking... Don't tell me you lost the baby weight breast feeding, forgetting to eat because you are so busy, or that it just falls off from running after little 3 month old Oscar - who can't roll or crawl yet as that would be a porky pie lie. I KNOW better. I have 3 kids under 6. I am surrounded by tempting kiddy leftovers all day, I NEED to hit the calorie laden grog at night in excess, I don't believe you. Do I look stupid? - just freaking fess up so we can all enjoy the secret!

She tells me the worst response of all. It just sort of happened. She hadn’t noticed and it just kind of went. WTF?

How does it just go?

Baby weight: "hey sweetie I'm hitching a ride out of here as there's a mamma in the Whitsundays I need to visit".


I officially hate her! I want to be her! I want her genes! And I want to be able to fit in her jeans.

Oh and I’ve said this before - Miranda Kerr is an alien!! No-one looks that good in jeans (and on the catwalk) after a baby unless they have alien genes.

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