Friday, April 6, 2012

Military Mummy

I spent 10 years in the Army Reserve where I met my husband, Mark.

I wonder sometimes if the influence has been greater than I thought. I have a cold this weekend and to get through the Easter weekend in one piece and to make sure I had 'me' time I organised the roster below.

Mark was fine with no 'me' time as he regards a sleep in and doing the tax as enough relaxation. hmmm... Anyway: I wonder how many other mums organise their long weekends like this? My friend asked me if we coudl catch up and I said Saturday afternoon with the kids was the only available timeslot and she looked at me a bit weirdly - like how do you know that's the only time you have free..... Well, um, yes I KNOW. See below.

Kylie to sleep in (until 8.30)
Kylie to tackle the garage and look after La & Bella at same time (9-12.30)
Mark looks after Mack and works during his sleep time (awake time – 12.30)
Family lunch
1.30-2.30 – Mark watches all 3 kids while I do a bit more on garage
3pm-4.30pm Easter Egg hunt with the kids – Kylie to take all of them
Mark to do the tax (2.30-5pm)
5pm – Kylie to get on exercise bike while Mark looks after the kids


Mark to sleep in
Kylie to get work paperwork and baptism invitations sorted (10-12.30)
Mark has all 3 kids (10-12.30) – take them for a walk out of the house if he can or movies while I watch Mack (Mack sleeps for 2 hours)
Family lunch
Mark to do tax/buy net nanny software/sync iphone/ipads done etc (2-5)
Kylie to look after all 3 kids (2-5)
Call Atholl

Lakeisha has the birthday party at the zoo in the morning – 10 until 12ish (check time)
Mark to drop her off and work on laptop while waiting for her in the cafe (10-11.30)
Call Dad
Kylie has Mack and Bella – Kylie to try and tackle garage with the kids
Lunch – family
Kylie to get nails done/jewellery repairs/neurofen kids/pick up photos 2-4ish
Mark has kids 2-5.30ish
Kylie gets on exercise bike at 4.30pm

Mark to do RPL paperwork 10-12.30
Lunch: Family suburban walk – take prams and baby bjorn or have an Xbox party if it's bad weather
2-6 Grandma comes - yay- & looks after kids - Kylie tries to have a rest, Mark does RPL

The pics from this weekend so far are great in that they show how much Mack is adored by his sisters. The poor thing gets no space when they're around but look he pleased with himself he is for being able to walk with an aide. He refuses to crawl but seems to be almost walking. I never used to think this was really possible but he's got his own way of learning and I just have to watch and let him choose walking over crawling!

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