Thursday, May 3, 2012

Memorable moments

The last few weeks have been hard with my nanna dying, many of us being sick and lots of little issues. There's a picture from my Nanna laying a wreath at Anzac Day a few year's ago, plus some of us commemorating her on this Anzac Day and then a cute one of Bella's angry face. Yesterday I worked a 14 hour day which is NOT ideal. My beautiful family keeps me sane in the chaos. The most memorable positive moments have been: a)Bella telling me my lovely new perfume smelled like vomit b)My step mother in law trying to offload a new granny bra onto me and then poor Kelly when I rejected it c)Bella loudly telling my Indian friend with her 5 month old baby that she had a baby at home just like hers, but ours was white and not brown d)Bella afterwards in the car asking me why my friend didn’t wash her baby e)Trying to answer questions like “How much does the sky weigh” and “why do people tease each other”? f)Lakeisha getting bullied by a little boy at the school with incident reports highlighting he was the protagonist and physically hurting her and then a few day’s later being told by the school that she wrote “x is a fuckwit’ in the sandpit. How can I possibly tell her off when her spelling is so good and she used her brain and not her fists for revenge! g)Kelly joining our team and being absolutely lovely h)Lakeisha insisting I have a flower in my hair for the school Mothers' Day event and her insisting a shark be in our mother and daughter collage i)Bella's angry face cracks me up....

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  1. Kylie. I ordered something off la bella last week..not realising trading was ceased. It was paid for. Please check your emails. Im stressing so much. Im a single mum abe every penny counts. I hope you get this. I need to kbow whether or not I'm getting my merchandise or my money back. Don't understand why it allowed me to pay if trading was ceased. Im using my phone so when I searched teething necklace it sent me straight to the purchase page. Please get back to me. My email is ive emailed the contact email and I replied to email the reciept was sent by. Hope you get this!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to invade your blog. I had no other way of contacting you. Ive been trying for a few days now to the point I had to set up an acvount to comment here.

    P.s. Sorry about your nanna. My.condolences are with you and your family!!!!