Thursday, October 20, 2011

October holiday time out...

We’ve had a quiet but exciting month. This month I was featured in Mother and Baby magazine for tips on how to run an online business. I’d completely forgotten about this until I was lazing around with Mack and the girls reading on our holiday and Lakeisha was reading over my shoulder. She pointed to my name and said ‘Isn’t that you, Mummy’. And indeed it was!!!

We went for a holiday to the Gold Coast and usually I organise for people to man the office but it was October school holidays and I think everyone around me just needs a break. I want to thank our very patient customers who coped with receiving their orders a week late. We had a lovely time and now it’s back to business. This month I’m working on adding some chapters to Mumpreneur Online, organising Christmas stock and doing some change management consulting.

We’ve sold out of some of our necklaces and we’re working next week on asking Irene (China), Birute (Lithuania) and Angus (Bali) to make some more for us in time for Christmas orders. Block colours are very ‘in’ this season and it’s been nice to see that our fashion predictions have resulted in the popularity of the new green and red resin necklaces. We have some orange and yellow to come as well!

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