Thursday, September 29, 2011

Honey joy - Kill joy!

I always pride myself as being a mum that can keep on top of the kid’s homework. Mind you Lakeisha is in Kindy so how hard should it be?? Trying to get the weekly homework task completed with a 3 month old baby and a 3 year old to look after as well is Difficult with a capital D! I have no idea how we’ll cope when she reaches high school as the home work is killing me!

Last week in Week 9 she was supposed to find a favourite art work and describe it to the class but I got the weeks mixed up (we get notification in advance to help us plan- or maybe it’s just to confuse us) and I accidentally helped her do homework for week 10. It’s okay as the sweet best friend who she’s been in trouble for fighting with twice this week – apparently both at fault) lent her one of her favourite pieces of art – Phew!

But week 10 was to make a favourite recipe, and write down the ingredients and instructions – so there I was in week 9 with lots and lots of rocky road……………..

10 kilos later…………….

Tonight I sat down to eat our dinner and somehow mistakenly chewed a hot chilli in our stir fry that I thought was a capsicum. In a dash to quench the pain I quickly downed my soft drink. Only to realise when I’d finished it that I’d served myself a very liberal nip of vodka in my coca cola tonight in a normal glass (my excuse was that we are budgeting so I may as well use the vodka in the cupboard as it’s cheaper than buying wine or cider) and I had accidentally just downed it in 5 seconds. Oops!!

Feeling very happy with Mack and Bella in bed Lakeisha and I tackled the homework and decided to make honey joys which we’ve never done before. The instructions said to bake for 10 mins in a 150 degree oven. 5 minutes later I could smell burning and lo and behold the tips of the cornflakes were charcoal.

I have never contemplated drink driving in my life but the thought crossed my mind when I realised we’d run out of cornflakes. The look on Lakeisha’s face was enough to make any mother feel like caterpillar poo!

Trying not to have a meltdown in front of Lakeisha and assuring her it was all just fine I called out for Mark to rescue me – and yes he did!

He painstakingly picked out the burnt flakes, re-arranged the leftovers and then we placed them in the warm over with the controls turned off to re-melt them!

OMG! I love him!!!!

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